elegant Ireland | Luxury holidays Ireland | Elegant  Irish Tours

Elegant Ireland | Luxury holidays Ireland | Elegant Irish Tours

Elegant Ireland | Luxury holidays Ireland | Elegant Irish Tours

Elegant Ireland | Luxury holidays Ireland | Elegant Irish Tours

Luxury Tailor-made Tours with Privileged Access

Luxury Castle and Villa Rentals

providing exclusivity, privacy and security

Itinerary  Design & Trip Planning

that reflects your tastes and intrests

Family Vacations and Gatherings 

where quality time is central to all you do

ELEGANT IRELAND has been at the forefront of Irish heritage tourism since 1984, providing unique customised
tours and exquisite vacation accommodation in Ireland and Northern Ireland. No matter how large or small your group,         we will design a tour to satisfy the most exacting expecttions.

Whatever your interests - art, architecture, archaeology, houses and gardens, history, folklore, literature - or something entirely different  - we will deliver an unsurpassed experience for you.

We are the market leader in short-term rentals of properties which reflect the charm and variety of Ireland's

unique cultural heritage, from historic castles,  through stylish villas, to romantic cottages. 

Our philosophy is simple: to translate dreams into reality by creating
once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.



Elegant Ireland is ranked as one of the world’s top travel specialists by the prestigious international magazine, Condé Nast Traveler.

‘To turn a vacation into an I’ll-tell-my-grand-children-about-this lifetime high point, you need an ‘experience maker’, as we refer to them here at Condé Nast Traveler. The right ‘experience maker’ will intuit your desires before you even know what they are – then they’ll make them happen. These 164 travel specialists can do exactly that no matter what your interests are.’

UltraVilla loves Elegant Ireland. Why? Not only because of its unparalleled ability to acquire the most incredible historic private castles, manor houses, and contemporary villas across the Emerald Isle but also for its extra special talent at getting privileged access to stately homes, private gardens, and behind-the-scenes attractions not mentioned in any guidebook. We are talking intimate knowledge and expert care that few others can offer. And we know because we’ve experienced it.

UltraVilla is the world’s first global villa consultancy, bringing together the best and most exclusive properties.