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Rent an Irish castle or elegant house for your exclusive use?

Elegant Ireland properties are as unique and varied as the guests who stay within their walls.

Each has its own charm and has been visited and approved by Elegant Ireland.

From luxury castle to cosy cottage, we can facilitate your preference!

Also, through our network of like-minded global Villa Specialists
 we can assist you should you wish to rent a property in another country.

Castles & Stately Homes

Properties in this categoryare, for the most part, period homes of character and immense charm.  Some are private country estates - very grand spectacular castles and mansions; others are built on a more intimate scale, carefully restored mediaeval keeps and period homes in peaceful, tranquil settings.  Many are surrounded by exquisite gardens and parkland; hidden gems whose charm is difficult to describe, and impossible to forget.

Renting a property for your exclusive use provides privacy, independence, as well as an opportunity to immerse yourself in local custom and society.  Full service is included at the majority of our castle and stately homes, or is available on request.  At some of our larger properties we can arrange for you to stay with the owner in situ to act as host to you and your party.

Elegant Ireland Manor House & Luxury Villa Rentals

Home rentals in this category range from medium sized period houses built from the Victorian period, to modern times.  The Victorian period had a strong influence on society, and on architecture and design.  This was an age of social and technological change, with a new emerging wealthy class whose expression of prosperity was often extravagant and flamboyant.

In contrast, our Irish contemporary homes are more minimalist and restrained.  While diverse in style, all have common characteristics such as the high levels of comfort and convenience.  Many are open plan, and while most are based on the principle that 'form follows function' they are attractive, and often extremely stylish.  Additional services, such as house keeping and catering, are available at many houses.


Escape to an Irish Cottage or Apartment

Variety is the key to Elegant Ireland's range of holiday cottages and apartments.  In addition to our stunning range of castles, large manor houses and villas, we have a small number of exquisite cottages and small houses which are ideal for couples and small groups of up to eight guests.  To give you a taste of the range of style, we have included a few of these smaller houses on our website.  Perhaps you would like a quaint thatched cottage on a man-made island in West Cork, a nineteenth century period dwelling of immense character, a stunning thatched cottage which backs onto a long sandy beach, or a gate lodge attached to a large private desmesne.  The possibilities are endless. 

Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, or even an intimate small wedding, a secret retreat in which to complete a book or other project, or someplace special in which to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, we have the perfect hideaway for you.  A warm welcome awaits you.